[Mongrel] [Slightly OT] Uploading files with firefox

Michael Kovacs kovacs at gmail.com
Wed Sep 20 01:35:29 EDT 2006

Well even if I pull all the javascript code and just do a straight  
form post with no progress I get this behavior in firefox. The upload  
request is taking more than 5 seconds
so firefox is popping up that dialog. IE and safari work fine and for  
the first time ever it's firefox that I'm cursing instead of IE or  
safari. Go figure :-)


On Sep 19, 2006, at 8:28 PM, Brad Ediger wrote:

> I'm not seeing this problem at all. I'm using mongrel and  
> mongrel_upload_progress 0.1. Firefox I'm not using the  
> helpers, however -- I'm using some heavily-hacked code on the  
> client side because of some special requirements. Contact me off- 
> list to discuss the code -- it's not available for public  
> consumption (yet, hopefully.)
> I don't see why you should have a long-running script anyway. The  
> form should post to an iframe and then set up a PeriodicalExecuter  
> (which in turn uses setInterval). If I'm not mistaken, that  
> function should return immediately. As long as you're using  
> asynchronous requests for the updates, you shouldn't block. But I  
> have been known to be wrong before, and I could be wrong now. ;-)
> --be
> On Sep 19, 2006, at 8:51 PM, Michael Kovacs wrote:
>> I have been successfully using the latest mongrel and upload  
>> progress plugin with safari but firefox seems to have some issues  
>> with any request
>> that takes longer than 5 seconds to complete. You get the  
>> "Warning: Unresponsive Script" screen. Apparently this problem is  
>> fixable by following this:
>> http://computer-vet.com/weblog/2006/04/28/ 
>> firefox_warning_unresponsive_script.html
>> Telling my users to go there and do that is not something that I'm  
>> willing to do, so I'm wondering if anyone out there knows how to  
>> change this on the
>> fly or if there's some other trick to make firefox behave during a  
>> file upload? Or are others not seeing this problem at all?
>> -Michael
>> http://javathehutt.blogspot.com
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