[Mongrel] Random(?) action hanging

Steven Lumos steven at lumos.us
Tue Sep 19 14:03:35 EDT 2006

Zed Shaw <zedshaw at zedshaw.com> writes:
> On Mon, 2006-09-18 at 13:22 -0700, Steven Lumos wrote:
>> Is this the behavior that supposedly indicates a problem with a
>> particular action? Mongrel in development mode randomly hangs on
>> random actions.  Further requests cause USR1 logs like:
>> Mon Sep 18 13:04:03 PDT 2006: 0 threads sync_waiting for /, 2 still active in mongrel.
>> Mon Sep 18 13:07:52 PDT 2006: 1 threads sync_waiting for /public/stylesheets/table.css, 3 still active in mongrel.
>> Mon Sep 18 13:08:21 PDT 2006: 2 threads sync_waiting for /, 4 still active in mongrel.
> Looks like / is blocking.  Is this a Rails action?  Also, you should
> probably run this in production mode as in development mode it's kind of
> slow and won't give you reasonable results.
>> 0 threads sync_waiting? Isn't that good? Sync waiting for a file?
>> Is that supposed to happen?
> Yep, 0 is what you want, but you really want to start this up in
> production mode and then thrash the suspect action with something
> httperf.

So far it hasn't happened in production mode.

> As for the file, this means that your apache instance isn't serving
> files but mongrel is.  I suspect since you were running in development
> mode that you weren't behind a web server though.

Right.  In production Apache is serving files.  But does it make sense
that Mongrel is failing to serve files? I thought only Rails was

>> I thought that the USR1 output was supposed to help point out which
>> action(s) had a problem, but the (random) action that actually caused
>> the hang is never displayed, just whatever was the latest request
>> after the hang.
> The log doesn't display whichever is stuck, it just periodically lists
> how many requests are waiting for which actions.  You gotta pound it or
> run it in heavy production to get a better sense.
>> This doesn't seem to happen in production mode, at least it hasn't so
>> far.  It happens every few minutes in development, and sending INT to
>> the process causes this:
> Yep, that's something blocking your threads.  See what happens is you
> have a Rails action that's got things locked with Sync.  A bunch of
> Mongrel threads pile up behind this sync lock waiting for rails to
> finish.  Eventually when you shutdown with INT mongrel tries to do a
> graceful shutdown.  It goes through all the active threads, sees that
> you've got a bunch that are really old, and then it starts killing them
> so you can get a stack trace.
> Hope that helps.

In this case only Mongrel is in the stack trace.  I was especially
wondering about

#<Sync_m::Err::UnknownLocker: Thread(#<Thread:0x3388f10 run>) not locked.>

Is that expected?

Thanks for the help.


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