[Mongrel] How do I connect to mongrel that's behind a router from outside world

java java at kannan.us
Thu Sep 14 12:16:29 EDT 2006


I am new to mongrel.  I have mongrel running on a linux machine (Fedora core), which sits behind a broadband router. The linux machine has the typical 192.168... internal IP address.  We use the dynamicdns to connect to the linux machine from outside world.  

Now, my question is how can myself and my colleagues connect to mongrel from outside world.  

I tried starting mongrel with the -a (-address) option by specifying ( default), its internal ip (192.168..), the public IP address, the dynamic dns name.

None of these worked.  

So my question is:

1. Do I need apache to route these calls to mongrel (by using mod_proxy) ?
2. Do I leave the default address ( for mongrel on the linux box ?
3. Is mongrel a HTTP server like apache ?

Any help would be appreciated.


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