[Mongrel] fckeditor works, but i cant get my buttons back...

andrew andrew at sophrinix.com
Mon Sep 11 11:19:45 EDT 2006

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>  On 9/11/06, Eoin Curran <eoin at peelmeagrape.net> wrote:
>  > I had something similar I think - after getting the mongrel config right
>  > I had to clear the browser cache before fckeditor worked properly.
>  > Presumably the browser had cached the incorrect content type.
>  So long as the content type of the files are returned correctly, there
>  should be no problem with FCKeditor through mongrel.  I have a site
>  working under IOWA+Mongrel that is using fckeditor in its CMS without
>  any problem.
>  Mongrel defines a content type for .js files:
>       ".js"         =>  "text/javascript",

Thanks. Sorry for such a basic question, but under mongrel_cluster.yml
I have (obviously path to app is not literal):
cwd: /path/to/app
port: "8000"
config: config/mongrel_mime.yml
environment: production
pid_file: log/mongrel.pid
servers: 12

I even tried dropping the config/ part.

in the config/mongrel_mime.yml file i have:
js: "text/javascript",
xml: "text/xml"

I even tried what you literally pasted initally, and that still doesn't work.

Is mime handling the job of the front end webserver aka apache2 with mod_proxy_balancer
or should this really "just work"tm


>  That does beg a question, though, Zed.  Why text/javascript and not
>  application/javascript?  text/javascript is considered obsolete by the
>  RFC, in favor of application/javascript.
>  Note that Austin Zeigler's mime/types library, while it has the mime
>  type defined in it, it does not tie it to the .js file suffix.  I
>  think this is an oversight and have emailed Austin about it, but if
>  you use mime/types for anythng, be aware of this.
>  Kirk Haines
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