[Mongrel] fckeditor works, but i cant get my buttons back...

andrew andrew at sophrinix.com
Sun Sep 10 22:23:20 EDT 2006

I am going to bet this is a mongrel issue,because this doesn't happen
under webrick. Anyway, I was able to get fckeditor: http://www.fckeditor.net/
to work under rails: http://www.joshuamcharles.com/xhtml/fckrails.php
i even saw the part about adding "1. Adding a YAML configuration file. For example, create
$(RAILS_ROOT)/config/mongrel_mime.yml with the contents:

xml: "text/xml"

2. When starting mongrel_rails, add the configuration file using the
"-m" option, e.g.:

mongrel_rails start -m config/mongrel_mime.yml"

and that gives me a text box when i translate that to mongrel_cluster.yml ad a config: mongrel_mime.yml line to it.

The issue now is I ONLY get a textbox that renders html it back. I can't get my buttons like font,style, color,etc back. I have checked this all under webrick and its a go, but not under a 3 node mongrel cluster.

Anyone have any ideas?



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