[Mongrel] Recommendation: Faster Can't Help 2

Carl Lerche carl.lerche at verizon.net
Sun Sep 10 16:57:16 EDT 2006

Also, is there any documentation or tutorials out there on the best  
way to use something like ruby-prof to tune a rails app? I just kind  
of have been including profiler code to tune various sections and  
what not that I knew were slower. Most of my applications aren't  
incredibly complex so I know that the main points with them are to  
watch for bad SQL queries and not to instantiate too many objects  
from these queries. But, when I'm working on a really complex web  
app, should I launch mongrel with ruby-prof and kind of test the  
whole thing or should I keep working on tuning specific parts?

In short, all my tuning abilities have come from just messing around  
and using my own logic (for better or worse) as to how I should go  
about tuning. Are there any resources for me to better improve my  
ability at tuning apps?


On Sep 8, 2006, at 5:33 PM, Zed Shaw wrote:

> Once you've got it to be as fast as possible without any extra help,
> you're at what I call "the tuning density".  A good sign you're at the
> tuning density is when you run your program under ruby-prof you don't
> see any place that's dominating the execution time or that you can't
> change.

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