[Mongrel] Multiple rails apps with Mongrel

carmen _ at whats-your.name
Thu Sep 7 17:42:15 EDT 2006

On Thu Sep 07, 2006 at 04:21:26PM -0500, zer0halo wrote:
> if I was smart and knowledgeable enough I'm sure I could :-)
> but I was hoping for a bit of a simpler solution.
> Running multiple Rails apps on the same domain is something that in general
> seems quite tough to do.

its not so much tough, as varying extensively with the terrain (eg, apache, lighttpd, mongrel). im sure therse something on google that can explain how to point subdirs to different local ports, via apache's mod_proxy. proably even in the rails list archives. at most youll have to set an abstract_uri_root or something inenvironment.rb, on the rails side..

> I think this is an issue that needs resolving by
> the rails-gods at some point as it could be hindrance to rails growth.
> Otherwise it's easy to draw comparisons with PHP where you just stick your
> apps in different folders under your Document Root (or use symlinks) and
> voila.

that is how it works with camping

> Don't get be wrong, I'm definitely a Rails fan, and this isn't meant
> as a Rails vs PHP, but just pointing out something that is quite tricky in
> Rails - a framework which thrives on simplicity.

thrives on presenting simplicity to the developer, you mean. thats part of it, but another angle is marketing. django and nitro arent as complex when it comes to 'what do i define in my schema and what do i define in code' as rails, but somehow they have had exponentially less hype, from my vantage point..

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