[Mongrel] Running multiple domains on one codebase, mongrel a good choice?

Jeroen Houben jeroen at supercool.nl
Thu Sep 7 01:45:51 EDT 2006

John Clayton wrote:
> We're working on rails application for a client that needs to be  
> deployed under a variety of domain names and needs the ability to  
> load custom configurations for the database, parts of the docroot,  
> caching, etc. based on the site we're serving.  We use mongrel to  
> host some other single domain apps and would like to do so here too.  
> We'd like to not have to deploy the codebase multiple times either  
> (since it's identical) so we're trying to figure out a way maybe to  
> load each instance into mongrel with different params and then let  
> the instance configure itself.
> Does anyone have experience using mongrel in this way or similar?

I'm using different custum environments for different sites. Zed gave me 
that idea. I also have a mongrel_cluster.conf for each site that will 
load the correct environment.

Then in my Apache vhost config I link the right site to the mongrel 

I override a small method in rails to load assests from an site specific 
location instead of just public/



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