[Mongrel] IOWA & Mongrel, performance

Kirk Haines wyhaines at gmail.com
Wed Sep 6 21:11:49 EDT 2006

So, after far too long, I'm running successful tests of an
IOWA/Mongrel integration.

This is using Mongrel

I created an app that is the same as the one tested here:


Just running a single mongrel on an AMD Athlon (2 Ghz) dual processor
system with a Linux 2.4 kernel and Ruby 1.8.4 I get, with a
concurrency of 1, around 345 requests per second.  Higher
concurrencies remain manageable, though, which is nice to see.  I get
around 270/second with a concurrency of 100, for instance.

This is reasonably fast.  For comparison, going through Apache 2 with
a mod_ruby handler, I get 240/second with a concurrency of 1, and it
peaks at around 370/second with a concurrency of 3 before going down.
Apache was floundering with a concurrency of 100 so I aborted that
test.  This is running in prefork mode, BTW.

So....not bad at all!

Kirk Haines

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