[Mongrel] Running multiple domains on one codebase, mongrel a good choice?

John Clayton john at fivesquaresoftware.com
Wed Sep 6 19:02:08 EDT 2006

We're working on rails application for a client that needs to be  
deployed under a variety of domain names and needs the ability to  
load custom configurations for the database, parts of the docroot,  
caching, etc. based on the site we're serving.  We use mongrel to  
host some other single domain apps and would like to do so here too.  
We'd like to not have to deploy the codebase multiple times either  
(since it's identical) so we're trying to figure out a way maybe to  
load each instance into mongrel with different params and then let  
the instance configure itself.

Does anyone have experience using mongrel in this way or similar?


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