[Mongrel] Mongrel Tuneup Guide: Questions

Alexander Lazic al-mongrelusers at none.at
Tue Sep 5 13:58:59 EDT 2006

On Die 05.09.2006 16:55, Vishnu Gopal wrote:
>The numbers again are the 10sec --nconns and the final --rate
>1 Mongrel serving a test /test (w/o db access, very simple page):
>1600 160
>4 Mongrels serving a /test:
>1400 190
>1 Mongrel serving a full /index:
>200 18
>2 Mongrels serving a full /index:
>190 26

2 Mongrels are slower for the w/o pages, are you sure?!

>Right, and so on (didn't bother to test this further)
>The lesson learnt is that CPU loads become a factor very quickly with
>mongrels and lots of hits on the server, esp if the CPU is paltry.

As i have seen that's also true for java/perl/... $appservers ;-)

>I'm not sure what kind of configuration all the rest of the tests I've
>found on the net have been run on [aah here is one:
>http://blog.kovyrin.net/2006/08/28/ruby-performance-results/ run on a
>4x xeon with 4g ram :-)] but imho you still need a fast (much faster)
>web server even on a single node to run rails/mongrel as compared to
>php. Going the php way with very cheap machines is probably not going
>to work.

I think the nginx and lighttpd could be fast enought, could you share
your setup so that we can look a little bit behind the scene ;-)

>If I do buy more (how many?) cheap machines serving 7req/s each, and
>then load balance all of em (say with hardware), could I realistically
>hope to hit comfy loads like 300 req/s? And will this continue to

42 maschines, isn't it this too much?!
How about to look into the app to get mor req/s?!



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