[Mongrel] Mongrel Tuneup Guide: Questions

Vishnu Gopal g.vishnu at gmail.com
Mon Sep 4 09:30:25 EDT 2006


I've been following the new mongrel tuneup guide (a huge thanks for
that btw) and here are my results. I've basically only gotten to the
point where I'm tuning up 1 mongrel because I suspect I have a
performance problem with my rails app.

The first number is the 10s nconns and the second is the max req/s as
per the guide:

Lighttpd serving static files:
6000 1800
1 Mongrel serving static files:
2800 200
1 Mongrel serving a bare /login page (without db query, no layout,
just an action):
750 50
1 Mongrel serving my full /index page (many db queries, render with layout)
80 7

Right, so I guess my  "rails measurement is horribly slow". The thing
is, I've worked on the /index page a lot. I've implemented memcached,
so db queries are basically minimal, and so the bottlneck basically is
like this:

The index page doesn't have any components, just 1 partial (called 2 times).

logs (in debug mode) look like this (for /index):
Completed in 0.21839 (4 reqs/sec) | Rendering: 0.16793 (76%) | DB: 0.02759 (12%)

What do I do to optimize this situation? Think I'm missing something here...

P.S. I'm running FreeBSD on a Celeron 2.0Ghz/2GB ram. And my processer
is at 100% peak mostly when I'm hitting the load.


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