[Mongrel] Recommentation: Sessions and PStore

Joshua Harvey joshmh at gmail.com
Sun Sep 3 18:45:16 EDT 2006


> irb
irb> require 'mysql'

If it works, you've got the compiled version, if it throws an exception, you
don't. That's how Rails itself checks for it.

-- Josh H.

On 9/4/06, Jan Svitok <jan.svitok at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 9/3/06, Paul Butcher <paul at paulbutcher.com> wrote:
> > Please forgive the stupid question, but how does one tell whether one is
> > using the mysql compiled gem or not? I've installed it, apparently
> > successfully, but I'd feel happier if I could be certain that Rails was
> > using it...
> General procedure without really knowing too much about the drivers ;-) :
> either
> - try running coverage, to see which of them gets executed (probably
> too slow, too much work)
> - look at both versions to spot some differences in e.g. private
> method names and check it in your code.
> - try induce some exception in the mysql code and check the stack trace.
> - examine caller() inside a block called from some mysql stuff
> - the easiest one: look for some VERSION constant or similar thing.
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