[Mongrel] How many mongrel servers should I run in my cluster?

Jared Brown jaredbrown at gmail.com
Sun Sep 3 13:40:46 EDT 2006

The company I work for is launching a new web site tomorrow.
News of our launch will be published in major publications throughout the
week so I want to make sure we are prepared for the load.

Production Environment:
HP Proliant server w/ 8GB RAM and dual AMD64 Opterons
Memcache is used as the session and fragment store (512MB for it)
MySQL is running on a seperate server in the same rack
We use the mysql gem for Ruby for greater speed and reliability
This server is dedicated to running just this rails app, so how many mongrel
servers should I put in the cluster?
And how many clusters should I setup?

The server needs to survive tens of thousands of page views per hour.

Jared Brown
jaredbrown at gmail.com
(765) 409-0875
7001 Central Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46220
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