[Mongrel] first request always fails

Jeroen Houben jeroen at supercool.nl
Sun Sep 3 10:34:39 EDT 2006

Zed Shaw wrote:
> On Sun, 2006-09-03 at 16:12 +0200, Jeroen Houben wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Whenever I restart mongrel on my production server, the first request in 
>> my browser always fails, I get this error:
>> Processing Base#index (for 83.xx.xx.xx at 2006-09-03 16:08:47) [GET]
>>    Session ID: f1918346d193e19a70c3230286e5ce1a
>>    Parameters: {}
>> TypeError (superclass mismatch for class Stats):
>>      /app/models/stats.rb:1
> Ah, there's a Stats class already in Mongrel but it's not in the mongrel
> module.  I'll move that over and see if it breaks anyone.

Aha. Could this also be the cause of my other problem where my custom 
ENV['site'] value does not get picked up by environment.rb?

ENV['site'] *is* available in my views, controllers etc but doing:

RAILS_DEFAULT_LOGGER.warn("ENV: #{ENV.inspect}")

in environment.rb shows no sign of ENV['site']


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