[Mongrel] first request always fails

Jeroen Houben jeroen at supercool.nl
Sun Sep 3 10:12:38 EDT 2006


Whenever I restart mongrel on my production server, the first request in 
my browser always fails, I get this error:

Processing Base#index (for 83.xx.xx.xx at 2006-09-03 16:08:47) [GET]
   Session ID: f1918346d193e19a70c3230286e5ce1a
   Parameters: {}

TypeError (superclass mismatch for class Stats):

stats.rb:1 just contains a normal A/R line:
class Stats < ActiveRecord::Base

Strange thing is that when I reload the page in my browser things work 
and every subsequent request works. Until I restart mongrel, the same 
happens again.

I'm using postgresql so I'm wondering if something's going wrong on the 
initial connect.

Any ideas??


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