[Mongrel] mongrel thread safety and global variables

hemant gethemant at gmail.com
Fri Sep 1 19:37:27 EDT 2006

> Well, Mongrel locks Rails with a Sync (Mutex caused leaks on some
> platforms) so there should be only one user of your global variable at
> any one time.  Also, the threads aren't using your global after the
> request is finished and the lock is released since rails is done
> dispatching.
> But, if you're running multiple Mongrels, then you'll get concurrent
> access to your backend server.  Unless that server is written to support
> concurrent access then you'll have these kinds of issues.
> BTW, have you considered just using DRb?  It's really fast, very easy to
> use, and it would probably solve many of these issues.
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> Zed A. Shaw

So, can't be a issue with my ConnectionClass, right?

Basically this UNIXSocket that i connect(sorry for confusion, its actually a
UNIXSocket ) , is a proxy between actual data vending servers and
rails.Itserves multiple clients(not only rails client, other clients
connect to it
using TCPSockets) and is written to support multiple concurrent connections.
But if I can confirm that there is no issue, with rails connections, then we
can inform the other team(i am not author of this proxy server), that please
have a look at your code, and see if its thread safe.

We have been initially using DRb, but there was a issue with connection
pooling.Besides, fetching data in real time from data vending servers was
costly, hence this  proxy does caching and all that stuff.  As per my
understanding, the proxy is written like, for each connection it will create
a new thread, and a new thread for putting the data to other data vending
servers and another thread for receiving the response and sending back to
all the connected clients.It attaches unique ids to each request, to make
sure that, no data mis-match occurs.

But if it would have been written with druby, then it would be a little
difficult for other clients to connect.

Thanks for help Zed.
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