[Mongrel] Application performance

Tim Perrett tperrett at butlerandtanner.com
Fri Sep 1 09:08:21 EDT 2006

Ok that's useful!! Its less the bandwidth im worried about (however you do
make a very very good point regarding that!) - im more concerned that the
application seems really really quick on my internal network, but is quite
slow when accessed internally. I just made the assumption that the more
requests the application could deliver the quicker the application was, so
that's what I was drawing a connection between that, however am I right in
saying that?

If im needing to boost performance how might one go about doing it?




Not that it answer's your question directly but just offer the
perspective that


PHP-MySQL based textpattern is "fast" at ~30 req/sec on a single
CPU'ed server.

And if we put the 35-38 req/sec in the context of how much you're
serving. Let's say that text+javascript+images+?? = 125 kilobytes per
page, and let's assume that you're app is serving 30 req/second.

30req/sec x 125kb page = 3,750 kb/sec = 3.75 MB/sec

=> 3.75 MB/sec x 60 sec/minute x 60minutes/hour x 24 hours/day =
324,000 MB/day = 324 GB/day

So 30 req/sec is 324 GB of network bandwidth out per day; in a 30 day
month it's 9720 GBs or 9.72 TBs or 30Mbps constant.

Is that at about where you'll be? Is this one mongrel process you're
talking about?

Now that's also a different issue from being "much quicker for
users", that's page latency not req/second throughput.

- Jason

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