[Mongrel] Application performance

Jason A. Hoffman jason at joyent.com
Fri Sep 1 08:08:21 EDT 2006

On Sep 1, 2006, at 4:54 AM, Tim Perrett wrote:

> Hey all
> Im working on improving the speed of my application. Ive taken on  
> board
> everything that has been said on this forum so far, im using  
> httperf to
> benchmark and try to improve performance. However, I have some  
> question
> marks over how best to go about improving performance in certain  
> areas....
> With no caching or such like deployed the application runs at an  
> rather slow
> 35 - 38 req/s. A static file from the server runs at 872 req/s - so im
> rather far behind that. A basic rails app with render text runs at  
> around
> 200 req/s. So realistically there is a lot more tuning to be done  
> to get it
> to a decent level. Im guessing it changes from app to app but if I  
> aim to
> get near 100 req/s that would improve performance to the point of  
> being much
> quicker for users?
> The nature of the application is such that its difficult to do a  
> lot of
> caching in the traditional sense, is there anyway I can make a custom
> caching mechanism to cache the content in the way I want?
> Many thanks in advance
> Tim

Not that it answer's your question directly but just offer the  
perspective that


PHP-MySQL based textpattern is "fast" at ~30 req/sec on a single  
CPU'ed server.

And if we put the 35-38 req/sec in the context of how much you're  
serving. Let's say that text+javascript+images+?? = 125 kilobytes per  
page, and let's assume that you're app is serving 30 req/second.

30req/sec x 125kb page = 3,750 kb/sec = 3.75 MB/sec

=> 3.75 MB/sec x 60 sec/minute x 60minutes/hour x 24 hours/day =  
324,000 MB/day = 324 GB/day

So 30 req/sec is 324 GB of network bandwidth out per day; in a 30 day  
month it's 9720 GBs or 9.72 TBs or 30Mbps constant.

Is that at about where you'll be? Is this one mongrel process you're  
talking about?

Now that's also a different issue from being "much quicker for  
users", that's page latency not req/second throughput.

- Jason

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