[Mongrel] Application performance

Tim Perrett tperrett at butlerandtanner.com
Fri Sep 1 07:54:30 EDT 2006

Hey all 

Im working on improving the speed of my application. Ive taken on board
everything that has been said on this forum so far, im using httperf to
benchmark and try to improve performance. However, I have some question
marks over how best to go about improving performance in certain areas....

With no caching or such like deployed the application runs at an rather slow
35 - 38 req/s. A static file from the server runs at 872 req/s - so im
rather far behind that. A basic rails app with render text runs at around
200 req/s. So realistically there is a lot more tuning to be done to get it
to a decent level. Im guessing it changes from app to app but if I aim to
get near 100 req/s that would improve performance to the point of being much
quicker for users?

The nature of the application is such that its difficult to do a lot of
caching in the traditional sense, is there anyway I can make a custom
caching mechanism to cache the content in the way I want?

Many thanks in advance


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