[Mongrel] mongrel parser for server response

snacktime snacktime at gmail.com
Tue Oct 31 18:41:50 EST 2006

Ok I have a working parser for server responses based on the mongrel
parser.  But I'm trying to decide the best way to structure it so it
will co-exist nicely with the mongrel parser when used in the same
application.  The main thing I'm trying to decide is what to do with
all the variables that the mongrel parser puts into globals, but that
the server response parser also needs.  I know what would work for me,
but maybe someone else might want to use this code also when I'm done
so I'd like some feedback on it.  My first reaction is to just not
define any globals in the server parser and access everything from
HttpParams.  Thoughts?

Also, the grammer I posted had a problem, but I figured it out and it
appears to be working fine.


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