[Mongrel] [ADV] "Mongrel: Serving, Deploying, and Extending Your Ruby Applications" BOOK

Joe Ruby joeat303 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 26 18:02:15 EDT 2006

Heh, sounds like stuff Anthony Bourdain writes!

"what sets this one apart is Bourdain's signature
wise-ass attitude that pervades nearly every recipe,
explanatory note and chapter introduction. Profanity
adds frequent color. If Aunt Doris would blanche at
pearl onions being called "little fuckers," a cook who
prefers boneless meat in Daube Proven al a "poor
deluded bastard," or a person nervous about making
these recipes a "dipshit," this book is not for her."


Zed -- the Bourdain of Programming. :P


> Just finished reading it and have to say that it was
entertaining(?) reading
> a 'guide' which  frequently calls its reader a
moron, an idiot, a dumbass
> and then finally tells him to get his panties out of
a bunch.
> Zed is true to form as always.
> It has my must-read vote btw for anybody interested
in deployment.
> Later,
> Vish

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