[Mongrel] (Slightly OT) Re: Win32 release coming?

David Vrensk david at vrensk.com
Thu Oct 19 03:56:26 EDT 2006

On 10/19/06, Zed A. Shaw <zedshaw at zedshaw.com> wrote:
> I got some stuff I planned on working on during rubyconf with the
> important people who can help.  I'll push out a 0.14 release at that time
> that has all the stuff.

Yay!  0.14!  And us railsers know that the next version number after 0.14.xis
1.0.  Can't wait to have that!

Also, I think it was in a RoR podcast that DHH said that, in retrospect, he
wished he would have labelled Rails "1.0" a year before he did.  If he had
done that, he reckoned that more people would have picked it up early, and
what is now 1.0 could have been 2.0 instead.  Think Java: it's a big step
from 1.0 to 2.0, but that didn't shake anyone off the bandwagon, so to

And yes Zed, I remember your joke in July: "This will also be the last
release before 0.4 Enterprise Edition 1.2.".  I wouldn't call Mongrel "EE"
yet (since that more or less implies that you need to be a MUDCRAP-CE to
install it), but considering the number of people who have switched to
mongrel on production systems and never looked back, I don't see why you
couldn't call the next stable release "1.0".  I think that both you and
Mongrel deserve that recognition!

Many thanks for your work so far,

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