[Mongrel] Anyone have issues with the Comcast toolbar?

David H Dennis david at amazing.com
Tue Oct 17 23:04:08 EDT 2006

I have a Mongrel cluster balanced using 'balance' at http:// 
www.amazing.com/ .

This morning, I got reports from people saying they could not access  
the site.  They sent me a very odd looking error report, which  
appears to be from Comcast Cable.  The error page has Google ads in  
it that were associated with my domain.  (Until I put up my existing  
social networking site, I had a eccentric personal web page which  
talked about Mercedes-Benz automobiles and digital video, among other  
subjects; the ads were mainly Mercedes and digital video-related).

The strange thing is that I asked them to do a nslookup, and they  
came up with my IP.  When I asked them to type the IP into their  
browser, the same error page came up (although I didn't ask them  
about the ads.)  However, pinging to the IP or web address works  
fine.  And if I telnet to port 80, I get a connection.

The domain amazing.amazing.com, where I have my old personal site up,  
works normally.  It's served by Apache.  amazing.com is served by  
Mongrel.  This made me wonder if maybe the Comcast toolbar mangles  
requests in a way Mongrel doesn't like?

The alternative is to think that Comcast cares enough about my still  
brand new low-traffic  web site to want to bother blocking it.

The site is social networking and does not allow sexual material due  
to the terms of Google ads.  A guy came and posted some sex images  
which were promptly removed but I suppose it's possible they were  

Anyone else have similar issues, and if so, how did you work around  
them or find out what they were?

Many thanks.


For reference, here's the text of the Comcast error message:

Sorry. We can't find www.amazing.com

Try retyping the URL in the browser address bar above. Or, search the  

Search the Web:

Did you mean: www.alazing.com?

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