[Mongrel] [Slightly OT] Do you use virtualization in production ?

Joe Ruby joeat303 at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 6 03:23:15 EDT 2006

> The description is out of date. I will of course
cover lighty but I  
> will also focus on ngxin and apache2.2 as fornt ends
and mongrels as  
> back ends. Although I will cover fcgi as well just
to cover the  
> bases. I do cover working on your own VPS but I will
not be going  
> into details about configuring Xen itself as it is
outside the scope  
> of the book. But who knows maybe in the future or
2.0 or the book I  
> will cover setting up your own Xen environment. I
will also post some  
> Xen tutorials on my blog once I get some free
time(which could be any  
> year now ;-).
> Cheers-
> -Ezra

I look forward to those tutorials! :)

I have some more n00b questions, if you don't mind. :)

- Is it easy to get Xen working on a server that's
already in production (currently functioning as a web,
app, and db server)?

- Can Xen be installed/setup/used remotely (I have
servers at LayeredTech and EV1)? Xen's screenshots
show Linux desktops.

- Know of any quickstart or "Xen for Dummies"
docs/tutorials? I'm currently working my way through
Xen's official docs.


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