[Mongrel] Mongrel pre-release Mongrel woes fixed)

Zed A. Shaw zedshaw at zedshaw.com
Wed Oct 4 19:25:19 EDT 2006

On Sun, 1 Oct 2006 21:38:12 +0200
Jacob Atzen <jacob at jacobatzen.dk> wrote:

> Hello all,
> For the past couple of weeks I have been spending some time debugging a
> couple of issues I was having with Mongrel when I put load on it. I have
> seen two distinct issues:
> 1. Mongrel stopped responding as if in an endless loop.
> 2. Mongrel crashed when severely loaded.

Alright, I made the slight change to remove the abort on exception call, and a small tweak to abort if the received size of a body does not match the content-length.  I also made a slight clarity change to the USR1 logging so that it reports only the action that is blocking all the other actions.  Previously it was more confused that this, so I simplified it.

People experiencing problems of either 99% CPU or crashing should grab the pre-release and run your server with it.  If you see a stack trace saying the body lengths don't match, send them to me.  If you crash, send me the stack trace as well.

I'll also be looking at another suggested change from Jacob, but I think this will clean up nicely.

And as usual you install with:

gem install mongrel --source=http://mongrel.rubyforge.org/releases/

Thanks a bunch folks!

Zed A. Shaw, MUDCRAP-CE Master Black Belt Sifu
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