[Mongrel] Sites that use Mongrel

Kirk Haines wyhaines at gmail.com
Wed Oct 4 12:08:05 EDT 2006

It would be an interesting topic.  I bet there are quite a few.

I just released one that 1/2 runs on Mongrel.  http://direxionfunds.com

It was released before it was _quite_ ready, but the last of the
content is getting inserted today.  I am still waffling on how I will
leave it running longterm.  Right now it uses a slightly modified
version of the Mongrel http parser with EventMachine to front IOWA,
all reached via an Apache proxy, but I am also alternately running it
under Mongrel 0.13.4 in its entirety, with an IOWA handler, and
comparing the performance patterns now that real users are hitting the

The site is completely dynamic, with all content and navigation
generated from data inserted into a database via a simple CMS system,
and all fund performance information pulled from a db that is updated
automatically via data feeds.  There is also a second, by-login-only
site that sits on top of this one, in the same URL space, so if you
are an investment professional, you login, and then index.html and
other parts of the site show you different things.

Performance in this setup is better than anything except maybe one
using fcgi (the site should peak at about 200 dynamic reqs/second,
which is WAAAY more than it'll ever get), but this is brain dead
simple to setup and manage, so I like it much more than I like fcgi,
and I can toggle pure Mongrel or Mongrel/EM hybrid operation in about
2 seconds, too. Good stuff.

I am pleased with what you have brought to the table with Mongrel,
Zed.  Thanks for your continued work.

Kirk Haines

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