[Mongrel] [Slightly OT] Do you use virtualization in production ?

Ezra Zygmuntowicz ez at brainspl.at
Tue Oct 3 23:16:47 EDT 2006

Hey Joe-

On Oct 3, 2006, at 6:29 PM, Joe Ruby wrote:

> Hey Ezra,
> What other gains do you get with virtualizing?
> Also, would Xen/virtualizing make these easier?
> - restoring root compromised servers

Yup, you can take snapshots of a VM and restore back to that point in  
time without a fuss. Of course you have to set this up and its up to  
you how often you take snapshots is up to you.

> - transferring everything from an old to new server --

Yup its pretty much just a few command lines to move a VM from one  
physical box to another physical box *while its running*

> I do this periodically and cringe at having to
> reinstall everything
> Thanks,
> Joe


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