[Mongrel] [Slightly OT] Do you use virtualization in production ?

Joe Ruby joeat303 at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 3 21:29:43 EDT 2006

Hey Ezra,

What other gains do you get with virtualizing?

Also, would Xen/virtualizing make these easier?
- restoring root compromised servers
- transferring everything from an old to new server --
I do this periodically and cringe at having to
reinstall everything


> 	Yeah now that I have been way into Xen, I wouldn't
setup a new  
> server without it. Even if you only have one server
I would put Xen  
> on it, even if its just one huge VM that fills the
entire server. The  
> performance overhead of Xen is about 5% compared to
raw hardware  
> which is really nothing compared to  the gains you
get by virtualizing.
> 	It makes it so much easier to scale later. Move
your VM's from  
> machine to machine. And separate concerns into their
own VM's.  
> Seriously I can't recommend it enough. We have built
our entire new  
> business on top of Xen. http://engineyard.com . Its
only for ruby/ 
> rails hosting and everything runs in Xen. Xen is
very cool stuff.
> -Ezra

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