[Mongrel] Mongrel woes fixed

Jeremy Kemper jeremy at bitsweat.net
Tue Oct 3 19:51:55 EDT 2006

On 10/3/06, Jacob Atzen <jacob at jacobatzen.dk> wrote:
> I'm still not sure why I'm the only one seeing these problems. Maybe
> others are seing them too and just not being aware of them. Maybe they
> only show up when the Mongrels gets severely loaded. Maybe I'm simply
> the only one butchering poor Mongrels for fun in my spare-time? ;-)

I see the same behavior with a handler that does some slow, blocking IO
(resolving symlinks on heavily loaded NFS servers). I worked around it by
using more Mongrels instead of more worker threads and by backgrounding one
long-running task which could safely send an HTTP response before

It'd be cool if Mongrel forked itself (up to a max # of processes) to
alleviate the issues that arise with Rails  handler locking and with
blocking IO due to Ruby's green threads. Mongrel cluster could work but it
feels like overkill when forking would do the job with zero config (minus

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