[Mongrel] Expert feedback needed

Jens Kraemer kraemer at webit.de
Mon Oct 2 10:53:28 EDT 2006

On Mon, Oct 02, 2006 at 02:22:29PM +0300, 13 wrote:
> Hi Jens,
> Yes I am sure that static files are served by apache. I have checked
> it using both mongrel debug mode and curl.
> I'm not sure why would I need to forward requests, for files that
> apache can serve, to mongrel so I will stay with my configuration
> until someone proves me wrong.

I did not say your config is wrong, just that it's hard to understand
why it works from my limited understanding of apache's config. 

Seems like the [L] flag of your last rewrite rule prevents mod_proxy
from following the ProxyPass /  directive (which, standing for itself,
simply says 'proxy everything to mongrel'). 

> As I said before I'm not an apache expert, but your last rule looks
> like misuse of mod_rewrite. Isn't it like that last rewrite rule does
> what ProxyPass + ProxyPassReverse are supposed to do ?

Yes, that was what I wanted to point out - that one line does what your
Proxy* directives do. As the [P] flag is officially documented [1], I
don't think it's use should be called misuse ;-) 

As your setup works, too, it seems to be more a question of personal


[1] http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.0/misc/rewriteguide.html, look for
"Proxy Throughput feature"
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