[Mongrel] Sharing Mongrel Log Files on SAN Storage

Joey Geiger jgeiger at gmail.com
Thu Nov 30 22:14:41 EST 2006

Are you suggesting that you have a separate mongrel.8001.log,
mongrel.8002.log like the pids files or is there a way to somehow log
like production-8001.log, production-8002.log through a mongrel

Having separate log files for the mongrel.log seems like overkill to
me, since when my app is running, it's not generating very many
entries there...

If you can create rails production logs named with the pid, could
someone point me in a direction on how to set that up? Thanks.

> I should probably just make this the norm, but I advocate that people setup pid and log files separate for each port they have, and probable each machine:port combination.  This makes it easier to isolate one mongrel's stuff and to track what is happening to a particular instance.
> If you do this it also means you can share it all you like.

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