[Mongrel] mongrel served from a subdirectory

Philip Hallstrom mongrel at philip.pjkh.com
Thu Nov 30 18:56:15 EST 2006

> Hello,
> I have setup mongrel successfully a few times now, but, each time I have
> used apaceh 2.2 and mod_proxy setup descibed on the mongrel site.
> However, I need to set up another app in a subdomain.  example.com/docserver
> instead of docserver.example.com.
> I have tried just adding  I have something like:
>    ProxyPass /docserver/ http://example.com:3001/
>    ProxyPassReverse /docserver/ http://example.com:3001
>    ProxyPreserveHost on
> The problem seems to be two fold.  First, the css, image and javascript
> links, are all broken.  Second all the generated links are to
> /controller/action instead of to docserver/controller/action.
> I tried putting RAILS_RELATIVE_URL_ROOT="/docserver/" in enviornment.rb, but
> that didn't help.

I haven't done it, but seems my memory is there is a --prefix option to 
mongrel that you need to set as well...

Check the mongrel site to see if there any docs on this...

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