[Mongrel] stability

Rogelio Samour rogelio.samour at gmail.com
Thu Nov 30 18:09:18 EST 2006

I would definitely  use  rake db:sessions:create (ActiveRecord Store) that
way your sessions are all in one central place and all mongrel nodes can
access it.

(of course assuming you're using rails :-p)

And Apache 2.2.3 (compiled from source with mod_proxy_balancer) and the
latest mongrel gem has worked great for me thus far.

:: my 2 cents ::


On 11/30/06, Jeroen Houben <jeroen at supercool.nl> wrote:
> Hi,
> Are there any recommendations as to what is currently the most stable
> setup is for mongrel & apache? I read somewhere (probably here) that you
> should avoid using PStore for sessions. Are there  any more of such
> recommendations? Also, what is currently the safest version of mongrel
> to use in production?
> Jeroen
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