[Mongrel] Uploading Large (100mb+) files

Jarkko Laine jarkko at jlaine.net
Tue Nov 28 14:46:06 EST 2006

On 28.11.2006, at 21.30, Matt White wrote:

> If you use something like mongrel_upload_progress, the single- 
> threadedness of Rails is no problem because Mongrel will intercept  
> the upload and not hand it off to Rails until it's complete. That's  
> what I'm doing at the moment, and my app runs just fine on one  
> Mongrel.
> If you're running large file uploads, I would recommend looking  
> into it anyway, because your users will surely want some kind of  
> update about how their upload is going.

Out of curiosity, has anyone managed to pair mongrel_upload_progress  
(or any of the other options) with MogileFS?


Jarkko Laine

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