[Mongrel] Uploading Large (100mb+) files

Philip Hallstrom mongrel at philip.pjkh.com
Tue Nov 28 14:35:32 EST 2006

> I have an Apache 2.2.3 (mod_proxy_balancer) frontend server that does
> not have mongrel installed. It does proxy requests to several other
> mongrel-only servers (each running 2 mongrel processes). Each mongrel
> node has the same rails code-base and it's working perfectly.
> However, my question is when I add an upload file form... where is it
> going to physically put that file? I mean since it's hitting either one
> node or the other, so how does mongrel deal with that? and how or where
> do I tell it to accept large files (100mb+) ?

Others have given good advice on how to do it, but wanted to say you don't 
need to do anything to get it to accept 100mb files.  We do that quite a 
bit and while it takes awhile works just fine.  It does tie up a mongrel 
process, but we're okay with that.

> I have read on having an upload-only mongrel process, but again how will
> all the other mongrels know to post the file to it or to a specific
> folder somewhere? Direction on this would be greatly appreciated!
> Thanks for your help on this. I searched the forum and didn't find
> anything specifically dealing with this. I have also checked the mongrel
> docs and most of the setups talk about mongrel_upload_progress plugin
> and/or the mongrel_cluster setup...(I may have missed something :-/)
> cheers,
> -rjs-
> p.s. mongrel ROCKS!
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