[Mongrel] win32 problems

Jamie Orchard-Hays jamie at dangosaur.us
Tue Nov 28 09:43:37 EST 2006

Thanks Luis. Perhaps it wasn't building. I had put nmake on the  
system, but I don't know if it had the needed compilers.

I had actually tried the release and had a different error.  
I'm not at the client site today, so I can't report what that was  

I'll just wait until the new version is ready. I'm running webrick as  
a service until then.



On Nov 27, 2006, at 6:51 PM, Luis Lavena wrote:

> Jamie, you're trying to run the (ruby) gem, which require a compiler
> to build the native extensions. For win32 there is a pre-compiled
> version that skip the compilation step, but is not officially
> released.
> I could put them (mongrel, fastthread and mongrel_service) in my web
> server and offer as download, but they first must pass a series of
> tests, something to avoid you "suing us" due problems on your
> "internal, very low traffic" application.
> Still, try downloading a (mswin32) gem from rubyforge, last stable
> release was
> Simply put in a terminal/console window:
> gem install mongrel -v
> and select option 2 (mswin32) to install the precompiled one.
> I could say we are close to the release, but still a things must be  
> done first.

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