[Mongrel] mongrel & apache on Win32

Tom Bednarz list at bednarz.ch
Mon Nov 27 11:53:38 EST 2006

Luis Lavena wrote:
> I don't use apache (if you read the interview in detail), mostly due
> we don't serve a huge amount of static content from our applications
> (and the 100% of them are intranets).
I need it for SSL only, apart from a couple of small icons and a css 
file we do not have static content.

> Radiant CMS: http://www.radiantcms.org
Ahh a CMS based on RoR, interesting!
> It will be a open release with spam-like announcements here
> (mongrel-users) and other lists, so stay tune ;-)
OK hope it does not get deleted by my SPAM filter !!!! :-)

> We took the complex but safer approach to this: instead of using
> globalize plugin [2]. we're using GetText [3]
Interesting remark too! Something I have to look at.
> Regards and good week!
Thank you, the same to you!


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