[Mongrel] mongrel & apache on Win32

Tom Bednarz list at bednarz.ch
Mon Nov 27 05:39:54 EST 2006

Hi Luis,

Thanks for that feedback. Sounds very intersting to me. I plan to go 
into production in January 2007. By that time I need a scalable 
environment for Windows. It would kill me, if I spend the time to 
migrate now and find out in January that there is no suitable production 
runtime environment on Windows!
I am convinced, that during next year other improvements will take 
place. So for a start I need something stable that can serve a smaller 
group of users. Later I need support for a larger community, thats why 
scalabilty is important for me right now from the beginning. We start 
small but the environment should be able to grow.

I must say that I depend on M$ only regarding the OS, the database is 
Sybase iAnywhere, web server is Apache etc.

So if you could send me some instructions how to get mongrel and RoR 
going on W2K3 and Apache 2.2 If that helps you, I would test it in 
december and give you feedback.

Luis Lavena wrote:
> Yep, will be adding process monitoring tomorrow and cluster support by
> the end of the week.
>>> Capistrano on Win32??
>> If you set up a Cygwin environment to get SSH and the other tools
>> Capistrano expects (cp, ls, tar, gzip, sudo, etc.), then yes.  I have
>> done this in development, but not production.
> I don't have experience deploying with capistrano on windows.
> I use a different approach based on rails applications packaged as
> gems (I call this Fossilize).
> Radiant is the first public RoR that takes this approach, from the
> same codebase/checkout you could serve different "instances" of your
> application, each one with its own db settings, cache, or plugins.
URL ??

> Hope could release the new Fossilize gem by the end of the year.

That would be very interesting for me too. Drop me a line if I can test 
something for you!

By the way: I read your interview with pat eyler on O'Reilly. We are 
based in Switzerland and I have to do everything in German language. Do 
you use Internationalization in RoR to support Spanish and English or do 
you offer Spanish only?


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