[Mongrel] mongrel & apache on Win32

Tom Bednarz list at bednarz.ch
Sun Nov 26 12:29:09 EST 2006

Hi Will,

Thanks a lot for your feedback!

> Just out of curiosity, is your Java web app broken? The Rubyists might 
> string me up for this, but if it ain't broke, don't fix it.  Especially 
> if it is mission critical (i.e. the unavailability of your web app for 
> more than a minute or two will cost you pain, suffering, or your job).
> That said, at my former employer, I converted a (simple) Java web app 
> running on Windows to a Rails app on Linux, but I also had a week with 
> utterly nothing else to do, a clueless manager who didn't know a thing 
> about managing a programmer (much less managing a person), a supervisor 
> who encouraged me to learn new things, and no one screaming bloody 
> murder if the app was down for a while.
> ==
> Will
Regarding Java / Rails etc:

It is a Web-Frontend for a self owned product. I like to extend the 
application and I have the impression, that development with ruby and 
the rails framework is a lot faster then with Java.

Java is a good technology and it offers a lot of OpenSource support 
(Apache group) and it is bullet proof in production. Java has many 
different OpenSource MVC frameworks. Struts is  probably the most known 
because it was one of the first on the market. What I consider a problem 
is that every Java Web App ends up in writing endless XML configuration 
files that you cannot debug. Basically you can spend hours and days to 
find a bug in your application which finally turns out to be a 
misconfigured XML file! I really hate that meanwile!!!

So basically I am looking for an environment that speeds up development 
time and thats currently the only reason, why I am looking at Ruby on 
Rails. On the Java side there are also newer frameworks such as 
JavaServer Faces. Groovy is a scripting language that borrowed a lot 
from Ruby.


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