[Mongrel] mongrel & apache on Win32

Will Green will at hotgazpacho.com
Sun Nov 26 09:31:07 EST 2006

> Is there a mongrel cluster for Win32?

Yes, mongrel works on Windows, and you can start a cluster. BTW, I 
compiled the 0.3.17 pre-release on win32 the other day, and it appears 
to have compiled without complaint (even with fastthread).  I have not, 
however, had the opportunity to test it.

> How can I run multiple instances of mongrel on Win32?

Luis Lavena is working on cleaning up the code for running a Mongrel 
cluster as a service.  Stay tuned...

> Capistrano on Win32??

If you set up a Cygwin environment to get SSH and the other tools 
Capistrano expects (cp, ls, tar, gzip, sudo, etc.), then yes.  I have 
done this in development, but not production.

> Many thanks for your feedback!

Just out of curiosity, is your Java web app broken? The Rubyists might 
string me up for this, but if it ain't broke, don't fix it.  Especially 
if it is mission critical (i.e. the unavailability of your web app for 
more than a minute or two will cost you pain, suffering, or your job).

That said, at my former employer, I converted a (simple) Java web app 
running on Windows to a Rails app on Linux, but I also had a week with 
utterly nothing else to do, a clueless manager who didn't know a thing 
about managing a programmer (much less managing a person), a supervisor 
who encouraged me to learn new things, and no one screaming bloody 
murder if the app was down for a while.


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