[Mongrel] mongrel & apache on Win32

Tom Bednarz list at bednarz.ch
Sun Nov 26 03:00:50 EST 2006

I am thinking about migrating a Java based Web Application to Ruby & 
Rails. Before I start the work I need more information about the runtime 

I am forced to use Windows 2003 Server and I need SSL. My Java Web Apps 
all run on Apache 2.x with any of the many J2EE App Servers (Tomcat, 
Geronimo, etc...) an Windows without any problems.

 From reading the mongrel web-site I learned that Rails is not 
threadsafe and therefore every HttpRequest is synchonised. To compensate 
the performance draw-backs you suggest to use multiple instances of 
Mongrel with Apache and its mod_proxy_balancer.


Is there a mongrel cluster for Win32?
How can I run multiple instances of mongrel on Win32?
Capistrano on Win32??

Many thanks for your feedback!


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