[Mongrel] Mongrel + Apache 1.3 + OpenBSD

Jérôme Loyet jerome.loyet at woa.hu
Fri Nov 24 05:23:33 EST 2006


I want to install a bunch mongrel servers with an apache in fronthead,
all that on OpenBSD. But OpenBSD is released with a homemade Apache
1.3.29 patched by the OpenBSD team. I really want to keep this version
of apache and I don't want to change it to Apache 2.x (because of the
security and the license but it's not the point here). But for having
mongrel, it has to be with a Apache 2.x because the mod_proxy with
balancer is not compatible with Apache 1.3.

Is there a solution to this ? Have I to use fastcgi on openbsd with
apache ? What solution should I use in my specific case ?

Thanks you for your answers.
++ Jérôme

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