[Mongrel] memory issues -- mongrel part of the problem?

Jacob Atzen jacob at jacobatzen.dk
Mon Nov 20 16:08:11 EST 2006

On Sat, Nov 18, 2006 at 11:45:30AM -0500, Charles Brian Quinn wrote:
> Phillip, thanks for this tip,
> We had a customer (www.curbly.com) that made lifehacker and the front
> page of digg yesterday and had some Rmagick resizing on account signup
> (and other places).  We re-deployed with the GC.start fixes during the
> on-slaught (the box hit 30.0+ load) and after that, she performed a
> lot better (normally -- load well under 1.0).  The box was running
> apache 2.2.2 (mpm-prefork) with mod_proxy_balancer and 3 mongrel
> instances (!)

Just curious, what OS are you running on? How many hits/second were you

- Jacob Atzen

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