[Mongrel] memory issues -- mongrel part of the problem?

kigsteronline at mac.com kigsteronline at mac.com
Wed Nov 15 16:38:49 EST 2006

We are using RMagick / mongrel / apache, and recently had to run a  
migration that had to process approximately 7000 images, by  
generating a thumbnail and a JPEG out of a large PNG.

The migration took about 5 minutes to complete, and while it was  
running I was watching the RAM/CPU of the rake process that was  
running it.  The process RSS was fluctuating between 200Mb and  
500Mb... It seems like once the garbage collection kicked in, the RSS  
went down by up to 300Mb, and then slowly climb back up.   Clearly,  
this is a very high memory footprint for a web server process, but  
should be acceptable for a dedicated background process.


On Nov 15, 2006, at 8:15 AM, Carl Lerche wrote:

> I've been using RMagick within my rails apps for all my image
> manipulation needs so far. I have been wondering about how the image
> stuff was handled memory wise. Everything has been running smoothly so
> far so I didn't really worry about it. In the future though, what
> would be the better approach?
> 1) Using mini_magick within my rails apps
> 2) Using RMagick in a BackgroundRB process
> - 1+2
> I'm guessing that if mini_magick doesn't load anything into memory,
> running it inside the rails app should be fine?

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