[Mongrel] memory issues -- mongrel part of the problem?

Rob Kaufman rgkaufman at gmail.com
Tue Nov 14 20:05:32 EST 2006

Hi Clint,
  Yes Mongrel did have memory issues back at 0.13.3  Please upgrade
and keep an eye on each mongrel to see if it develops a memory growth
trend.  If you search this forum there are posts by Zed and others as
to how to do said monitoring.

Good Luck,
Rob Kaufman

On 11/14/06, Clint Troxel <clint at ctro.net> wrote:
> Hi.  I'm a fairly new mongrel user and have a scenario that I wanted
> to run by you all, see if anyone's synapses connect -- mine def.
> aren't!
> I'm running a fairly simple rails app through a mongrel cluster (2
> mongrels).  This site is consistently sloooow -- memory on the server
> is regularly paging (and shouldn't be).   ssh-ing in and running top
> shows these two mongrel processes taking up about 80% of the 1 gig of
> system memory.
> the only interesting thing the application is doing is storing photos
> in the database and resizing the photos on the way out using
> mini_magick.  Once the photos are delivered once they are cached using
> rails page caching (i'm positive the caching is working,
> production.log says so).
> So, at this point the site should only be delivering images from the
> cache (which is currently on disk) apache isn't serving the images,
> mongrel is.  -- but, things are slow.  Does this ring any bells for
> anyone?
> you can check the site out (don't pound too hard please! ;) )
> http://prughrealestate.com
> click on the "developments" tab to see what i mean -- those thumbnail
> images are coming from the cache.
> Also:
> Server :  Fedora Core 5
> Mongrel:
> mongrel_cluster: 0.2.0
> I'm eternally grateful to anyone who can help me out with this!  Sort
> of at the end of my rope.
> Thanks in advance, & hope your Tuesday is good.
> Clint
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