[Mongrel] apache -> pen -> mongrel cluster

Andre Lewis andre.lewis at gmail.com
Tue Nov 14 14:50:57 EST 2006

> Recently, I've been reading about different deployment environments for
> rails and mongrel.  One configuration I've started seeing is apache -> pen
> -> mongrel cluster.  See http://errtheblog.com/post/35 as an example.
> Can someone explain to me the benefit of using Apache and Pen as opposed
> to either using apache as a load balancer or pen by itself?

I have production environments with both apache2->pen->mongrel and
apache2.2w/proxy_balancer->mongrel. I prefer the latter, for two
1) I like having fewer moving parts. That said, Pen has never, ever had a
problem in my environment.
2) For the 2.2 w/mod_proxey_balancer setup, I'm using Charles Quinn's
customized deploy.rb to manage vhost setup and app deployment. I highly
recommend it:
You can setup a new vhost and Rails app with a single command. Also, the
server layout it utilizes (where it puts your apps, the vhost configs, etc)
just makes sense.


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