[Mongrel] mongrel_upload_progress question/possible suggestion

Matt White stockliasteroid at gmail.com
Mon Nov 13 14:33:51 EST 2006


Thanks for the reply... I'm going to do a bit of benchmarking to see how bad
it is. My problem is that in my quest to stay DRY I have a few id's in my
path, and so there really isn't any way to create an array of paths that has
all of the possible combinations (at least, not before it's WAY worse than
using regexes ;). I suppose I could create a controller that does nothing
but handle uploads, though that wouldn't be as DRY.

I didn't see your array testing code in the mongrel_upload_progress 0.2.
That's the bit of code I updated, and I think that's in a different tree
than Mongrel. Am I missing it? If I switch to a different routing layout,
your method may be better, esp if it's faster.



I'm pretty sure that decision was made for performance reasons... nontrivial
> regexes take significantly more processing than string matching. If you have
> actual concerns about performance, you should always benchmark (
> http://mongrel.rubyforge.org/docs/how_many_mongrels.html).
>  I used an array for this purpose... you can say :path_info => ['one
> path', 'another path' ... ]. I think Zed checked my patch for that in to
> svn, and I'm pretty sure it's available in the prerelease.
> Brad
> On Nov 13, 2006, at 1:57 AM, Matt White wrote:
> Hey all,
> First off, thanks to Rick Olson and whoever else was involved with this
> plugin... It's been amazingly easy to implement.
> I've got a question about the path_info parameter, though... It seems that
> unless the request PATH_INFO exactly matches the path_info passed in to the
> plugin at inclusion, it won't actually trigger Add and add the upload to the
> list of running transfers. I'm assuming that this is for performance
> reasons, and makes good sense. However, I'm in a situation where I don't
> know the exact path that I will b e uploading from, because of various
> routing info in my app.
> Thus, the ability for path_info to be a regex instead of just a string,
> thus allowing for:
> return unless params['PATH_INFO'] =~ <at> path_info &&
>         params[Mongrel::Const::REQUEST_METHOD] == 'POST' &&
>         upload_id = Mongrel::HttpRequest.query_parse
> (params['QUERY_STRING'])['upload_id']
> Then I just update my handler like so:
> uri "/",
>   :handler => plugin("/handlers/upload", :path_info =>
> %r{/account/\d/\d/media/upload}),
>   :in_front => true
> And everything works fine... It's a super-small tweak, obviously, but I
> found that it made it a lot easier for me to use the plugin.
> Thoughts? Is there a better way to do this?
> Matt
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