[Mongrel] Distroy to experiment with Xen?

Carl Lerche carl.lerche at gmail.com
Thu Nov 9 01:04:10 EST 2006

Umm... oops. I really should proof read better before hitting the send
button. Funny typo though.


On 11/8/06, Carl Lerche <carl.lerche at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I would like to experiment with Xen some to see how I could integrate
> it in my various web application environments and hopefully make my
> life easier. I am currently using FreeBSD 6 but it seems that it
> doesn't fully support Xen. I did some searching around and also notice
> some posts on mailing lists mentioning some trouble with the CentOS 4
> distribution (something about the default Berkley DB package not
> playing nicely with Xen). Anyway, I know there was some mention of Xen
> on the mailing list a little bit ago and was wondering if anybody had
> any insight as to what OS / Distro would be well coupled with Xen for
> an end goal of Ruby on Rails, Mongrel, Apache, Postgres, etc...
> Thanks,
> Carl

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