[Mongrel] MogileFS handler

Philippe Jayet hip at lan-attack.ch
Thu Nov 2 10:23:16 EST 2006


> mod_xsendfile is pretty nice for serving files:
>  http://celebnamer.celebworld.ws/stuff/mod_xsendfile/

Yes, Zed posted that link some time ago. I'll have to give it a try,
seems interesting and still maintained ...

> Especially if you don't want to put all your files in the public directory.

In the case of MogileFS, it creates a directory structure of its own to
scale to a large number of files. So serving the files from these
directories is not the solution I think of. And I plan to use MogileFS
in HTTP mode (not NFS), so the files may even be unaccessible from the
filesystem. That is why I think of developing a dynamic component that
will ask the MogileFS tracker for the URL of the file (which may be
local or not), get this file and return it to the client.


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